What am I going to do here.

I'm going to be writing about what I'm reading professionally and how I'm thinking about it. I'm hoping the that giving me a place to write informally and in reaction to specific writing (as opposed to integrative and theory building work) will help me write more freely.

I'm also probably just going to write about what I observe since what I think I want to do is to create some cross over writing to help me think about the time I have spent immersed in the open source world. What I mean is that I hope in the end I produce something that is interesting both to my friends an colleagues in FOSS and to my friends and colleagues in the academic world.

I'll probably also end up doing other things, but those are my plans right now. Get words down about things I am thinking about. Try to make them coherent.  Try to write some shorter paragraphs. Try to find patterns enough to make me think there are some underlying points. Try to tell a story. Try to make sense.